Best Hollywood Sci Fi Movies Of All Time You Should Watch Even Once

Inception is a movie that deserves to be in the top best Hollywood sci fi movies of all time. First released in 2010, the film won 4 Oscars and many other prestigious awards. and after more than 10 years the film is still a masterpiece worth watching. Let’s find out with Chow Down Movie Store why the movie is so hot.

Inception is a 2010 sci-fi action film and on August 28, 2020 the film was returned after 10 years. Director Christopher Nolan’s work is still enough to make moviegoers panic with a question after nearly a decade that still has no exact answer. Take a look at the trailer to give us a little taste of why this is considered one of the best Hollywood sci fi movies of all time.

Trailer – Best Hollywood Sci Fi Movies Of All Time

Information – Best Hollywood Sci Fi Movies Of All Time

The content of the film revolves around a CEO of an energy company and he wants to steal the business secrets of his opponent. Instead of doing it face-to-face, he hires a group of tech savvy people to share the dream to seed the ideas and minds of rival business leaders.

The Dream Thief is one of those must-see cinematic classics. The film grossed more than 828 million dollars worldwide and is considered the hottest movie of 2010. Inception has excellently won 4 Oscars: Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects. Deserves to be the best hollywood action sci fi movies at that time.

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The movie has a very good idea, because the main character is free to do what he likes. This work has many layers of complicated details, hidden meanings, dreams overlapping dreams, many extreme steering situations… so just a little bit of neglect is completely impossible for you to understand. what happens next after that. To understand the movie, you need to focus on watching as much as possible. What the audience is extremely indignant about after watching the film is that even if many people focus on it, they still do not understand the content of the movie and that is the reason for some viewers to plowing through the film again and again to understand them.

Inception - Best Hollywood sci fi movies of all time
Inception – Best Hollywood sci fi movies of all time

Among the cast, Leonardo Dicaprio (as Cobb) is the most famous actor and his character is also the one who holds the final blow at the end of the movie. The other co-stars are no less competitive when clearly expressing the emotions of each character in each different segment. The character of Arthur is notable not only for his appearance, but also for helping others not to be caught in the middle of a dream. Meanwhile, the character Yusuf is the one who keeps everyone’s life because without him everything will be difficult and no one will return to reality without this chemist.

Inception is an easy movie to watch, but not easy to understand and to fully feel what the work brings, one viewing is never enough. Definitely this is a definite movie you must see even if it’s just once the movie deserves to be considered the best hollywood action sci fi movies of all time.

Above is some information about the movie Inception – one of the best Hollywood sci fi movies of all time. Please enjoy this movie and let us know what you think about it! Don’t forget to follow us for more updates on other movies!

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