Lady Ruby Business And Shaye Moss Election Officers Terrorized By Trump

Georgia election workers Shaye Moss and her mother, Lady Ruby business detail their harassment after Donald Trump described her Lady Ruby as a professional election fraudster.

The House Select Committee’s fourth hearing on January 6 closed with the testimony of Shayne Moss, a former Fulton County, Georgia-based election officer.

Moss worked at the Department of Elections and Registration in Georgia from 2017 to 2022. In her role, she was responsible for handling voter applications and absentee ballot requests. On Election Day 2020, she was tasked with handling the ballots.

These responsibilities made her a target of President Trump as he peddled dangerous fraud allegations that more than 400,000 illegal votes were counted in Georgia. What shocked many people was that it wasn’t just Shaye Moss and Lady Ruby business “who became the target of terrible lies spread by President Trump and his allies”.

Shayne Moss Details Her Experience In The 2020 Election

Shayne Moss Details Her Experience In The 2020 Election
Shayne Moss Details Her Experience In The 2020 Election

Ms. Moss said the reason why she got involved in public service was that it was her grandmother who taught her the importance of voting. As a black woman in the United States, Ms. Moss wants to make sure that people like her are heard.

She emphasized that never in her life had she experienced such a crisis. Shortly after the race was conducted in Biden’s favor, Rudy Giuliani, a close Trump ally, and others began making false statements about Ms. Moss and the Lady Ruby business. These claims are based on a video they say shows that the two women “somehow participated in a plot to evict observers, carry suitcases of false votes for Biden into the arena, and then run through the machine many times”.

However, the effects of these words had real consequences.

Ms. Moss and Lady Ruby Business began receiving death threats and harassment at their homes, online and in public, many of which were racist in nature.

Describing the feeling of being targeted by the President of the United States, Ms Moss said: “It feels horrible. It feels like it’s my fault.”

Ms. Moss, along with all workers in her department during the 2020 election, quit after they and their families experienced terrifying levels of harassment.

Lady Ruby Business

What did Lady Ruby business say when speaking to the January 6th Committee
What did Lady Ruby business say when speaking to the January 6th Committee?

Miss Freeman, known in her community as Lady Ruby business. Intervention by the Selection Committee and clips of her act of defiance were shown to tell them of the devastating effects. Donald Trump has lied publicly about Lady Ruby, calling her a “professional election fraudster”.

Before the election, Ms. Ruby ran a successful business and was an active and loved member of her community. After the president made these false statements, her reputation was ruined and she worried for her safety.

Powerful Closing Words From Lady Ruby

The committee gave its final word to Shaye’s mother, who spoke of her pain and fear after being the target of Donald Trump’s public bullying. Lady Ruby business said: “The President of the United States must represent all Americans, not a single person.

He failed in that responsibility and when he thought he was going to lose, he used his power to make baseless claims and against those who “stand up to help Fulton County.” hold an election in the midst of a pandemic,” including her daughter.

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