The Best Sci Fi Movies Space Everyone Shout Watch Once

The sci-fi genre of space exploration has always appealed to filmmakers and audiences. If space is the final frontier, then space movies are considered cinema. We never know in advance when humans will dream of space travel, so the film crews always bring us footage of space, about aliens so we can figure it out. imagine what life in space would be like. Here is a list of the best sci fi movies space of the 21st century, as voted by critics and experts.

Titan AE (2000) – Best Sci Fi Movies Space

Titan Ae - Best sci fi movies space
Titan Ae – Best sci fi movies space

Titan AE is a 2000 American animated science fiction film directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Content in Movie Titan A.E is a story set in the year 3028, when a creature called Drej appeared, they were created by special energies, when they grew up they attacked the Earth. Earth, causing people to fall into chaos. To preserve the lives of thousands of spacecraft had to find a way to escape, including Professor Sam Tucker’s Titan ship. He left in a hurry, just in time to give his son Cale Tucker a ring. Cale – he is the main character in the movie Titan A. This is the last movie to date, from the animated icon Don Bluth. This old sci fi space movies is also ranked as one of the best sci fi movies space.

Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)

Zathura A Space Adventure
Zathura A Space Adventure

Zathura: A Space Adventure is a 2005 American science fiction adventure film directed by Jon Favreau. The film is an adaptation of the 2002 children’s book Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg, author of the 1981 children’s book Jumanji. The film follows two brothers Walter and Danny who are stuck at their father’s house for the weekend with their sister Lisa. When their father had to leave, Danny discovered the old sci-fi board game Zathura. When Danny activates Zathura, Danny, Walter, and Lisa find themselves in space and fighting for survival. The only way to get rid of Zathura is to finish Zathura… and playing the game can be very dangerous. The movie is for children who like adventure. The film has beautiful images, and many realistic effects. While it’s not a masterpiece, it’s worth checking out even once.

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Moon (2009) – Best Sci Fi Movies Space

Moon Best sci fi movies space
Moon –  Best sci fi movies space

Moon is a quirky, lonely sci-fi story about Sam (Sam Rockwell), a miner who runs a space station on the moon on his own, with only an artificially intelligent smiley face to hold him back. I’m on the side. Ennui is underwhelming and somewhat humorous, until he makes a shocking discovery that puts everything about his mission into doubt. The film is talking about human cloning and the inhumanity of the way this world works. Moon brings an extremely valuable lesson for us to examine ourselves and learn. This is a movie that deserves to be included in your list of the best sci fi movies space.

Gravity (2013)

Gravity Best sci fi movies space
Gravity – Best sci fi movies space

This is definitely the best sci fi movies space that you should check out. The film won an Oscar – Alfonso Cuarón and was highly appreciated by critics. The film follows Ryan Stone and veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky who are alone in space because debris from another satellite has damaged their ship. After a while, Ryan and Matt found each other and reached the ISS for help. Because of difficult space travel Kowalsky and Ryan are separated from each other, Ryan clings to the space station and Kowalsky forever drifts in space. After many difficulties, she finally found the Chinese spaceship Tiangong and returned safely to Earth. At the end of the film she is content and happy and toddles on the ground step by step.

Gravity can be said to be the greatest achievement of cinema in 2013. The space image is perfect in every detail, the sound is realistic, and the audience can experience the 3D image as if it were a real experience. The image at the end of the film is the most beautiful image of man – the most wonderful and wonderful thing of the universe, creation.

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The Martian (2015) – Best Sci Fi Movies Space

The Martian Best sci fi movies space
The Martian –  Best sci fi movies space

The Martian is classified as a “blockbuster” film, but before its release, it did not receive as much attention as the summer premiere works despite the estimated production budget of over $100 million. However, when the film was released, it brought viewers moments of eye-catching experience and an emotional story.

The film is about a NASA expedition to Mars to conduct research on the planet’s surface. Then an astronaut was injured, the crew thought he was dead and returned to the ground. He learns to survive on the leftovers and tries to spread the word to let everyone know he’s still alive. After Nasa received the signal, his teammates hatched a reckless plan to save him. The film brings a meaningful message about people’s will and energy when facing death and loneliness. With a strong will, the instincts of each person can create extraordinary things. This is definitely one of the best sci fi movies space because it brings many noble awards.

Sci-fi movies always bring viewers new fantasy images and different emotions. Movies about space even more attract audiences for unprecedented experiences. Chow Down Movie Store has compiled 5 best sci fi movies space worth watching for you. What are you waiting for, go online and immediately find the HD versions of the above movies to enjoy!

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