Joey Chestnut Headlock Protesters

Joey Chestnut Headlock

Joey Chestnut Headlock Protesters at this year’s hotdog eating contest at Nathan.

Joey Chestnut Headlock. What Happened?

Shortly after finishing his 17th hotdog, a protester stormed the stage dressed in a Star Wars costume and holding signs that read “Expose Smithfield’s Death Star,” a clear protest. protest against pork producer Smithfield Foods, against the production of sausages from pork. Chestnut didn’t care about slipping off his stride. Instead of seeking the help of event security, he handled the situation quickly on his own.
Chestnut swung his arm around the protester’s neck, making him uncomfortable and quickly threw him aside. Then Chestnut continued the hot dog eating contest. In the end, he finished the contest with 63 sausages knocked down.

Joey Chestnut Headlock. This Is The First Time This Has Happened.

Chestnut has now won the annual hot dog-eating festival for the seventh consecutive season and for the 15th time in 16 years, but this is the first time he has faced a theatrical intruder (and a his leg is injured).
Currently Chestnut is very happy with his win. And speaking of the protest incident, he feels it has not affected his performance. Chestnut was a bit surprised but he reacted quickly and was supported by many people.

Joey Chestnut Headlock. First Time
Joey Chestnut Headlock. First Time

Joey Chestnut Becomes An American Sports Legend

No one thought Joey Chestnut would be defeated in this year’s Nathan’s Famous Sausage Eating Contest. He is a man who would love to add another title to his dining collection. It’s no surprise to see the star outperform the rest of the pitch.

But this year’s championship win is a meaningful victory. He became a 15-time winner of Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest – winning more championships in an event than any other professional athlete.

Chestnut doesn’t just chew on the competition in the competitive dining world, he does it across all sports. After this year’s performance, he could add another world record to his name.
This Independence Day, Chestnut ate 63 hot dogs, knocked out a guy with a headbutt, and became the record holder for most championships in a single event. He went from a competitive eating legend to an American icon in just 10 minutes.

Joey Chestnut
Joey Chestnut

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